Hi, Welcome stranger…you seem familiar..

Well, I believe you can find yourself feeling at home here. Because this is the travel site for the conscious, curious and caring travelers seeking natural mysteries, trips that engages, where you learn and can contribute.

Here you will find trips like no other;

  • Regenerative tourism
  • Ancient mysteries & not-so-known history
  • Nature walks and pilgrimages
  • Pure food and wellness

And most importantly, it is truly genuinely shared & handpicked by me as well;

  • Travel gear for the conscious traveller
  • Posts giving you tips about where to go
  • Tips about great places to stay and tour operators to travel with (if you don’t want to travel with me that is!)
  • Possibility to ask for travel tips in the three categories mentioned above in turn for a small fee 😀
About Europe Unexplored....

Dolomites might be waiting for you…all you have to do is ask 🙂

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